Buddhist Thangka

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Size: 14,5 x 22 cm.

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This set of 21 beautiful cards with the description in two languages (Russian and English).

The cover: White Manjushri;
1. Buddha of the three Times,
2. 1000 armed Avalokiteshvara,
3. Paradise of Green Tara,
4. Sarasvati,
5. Odser Chenma,
6. Manjushri,
7. Ushnishavijaya,
8. Vajrapani,
9. Burji Lhamo,
10. Sukhavati ― Paradice of Buddha Amitabha,
11. Guru Padmasambhava;
12. Vajrasattva and three Kayas,
13. Dakiny Simkhamukha,
14. Guru Dragpo Kilaya,
15. Dakiny Ekajani,
16. Je Tsonkhava,
17. White Mahakala,
18. Paldan Lhamo,
19. Blue Mahakala,
20. Namsarai ― the God of Wealth,
21. Wheel of Life.

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